Dr. Philip Young talks about Pixie Ear Deformity Correction (Seattle, Washington):

Dr. Philip Young talks about Pixie Ear Deformity Correction (Seattle, Washington): A pixie ear deformity is when the earlobe gets pulled down inferiorly so that it becomes elongated.  It often occurs after a facelift procedure when there is too much skin taken and not enough fixation of the muscle to hold up the lift.  Some people are naturally like this.  There are several ways to improve this situation.  Oftentimes it entails elevating the earlobe so that it is not as pulled down.  But it can entail closing the area below the new earlobe where the used to be.  Sometimes you can avoid this closure area by relifting the face and pulling the earlobe back by moving the skin backwards.

You don’t necessarily have to correct the other ear if you are satisfied with the way it looks.  But many things can be done to change the appearance of your ears if so desired.  These are all questions that you can ask your particular physician when you go into your consult.  I try to answer as many questions as my clients can think of during the consultation. I also offer my email for them to write me more questions if they have any given that people usually start wondering about more things after they leave.  I also check my email multiple times in a day so I can be attentive as possible to their questions and concerns.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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