My crease is too high 6 days later. Is there a way to lower it? Or will it lower on its own with time?

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

This is a response to a question that I answered for a person who had a procedure by another doctor:

Your crease always look higher at first after asian double eyelid surgery, but I would mention this to your physician.  Only he will know how the procedure was done.  His experience will allow him to make that judgement.  Usually the crease will go down progressively over the next weeks to months. If your surgeon felt that it was too high he could release it at the one week point and reattach to a lower point.  If this were the case 6 month later than I would be a little more concerned.  There are ways to make the crease go down.  The limiting factor is the amount of skin taken during the original procedure.  If there is a lot of skin taken then it will present a more difficult scenario in terms of making the crease go to a lower point.



Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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