I used to be overweight and people just didn’t respect me. With a change in my appearance people started to listen.

I used to be overweight and people just didn’t respect me. With a change in my appearance people started to listen presented by Dr. Philip Young: I was talking with this gentleman who mentioned that he used to be overweight. During this time, he felt like he had a lot of good ideas and when he mentioned them he wouldn’t get much response and he felt that it was due to him being overweight.  After getting weight loss surgery, he felt that people were listening to him more, even though he was saying the same things.  To him it was a major change in how people treated him.  Whether this was true or an actual cause and effect could be a source of significant argument.  The idea of causation or correlation. Also, whether he had more confidence after losing weight and this translating to more confidence in his presentation of his new ideas could also be an idea. Whatever the cause may be the end result was that people started to listen to him more.  So now he is considering facial rejuvenation surgery. This is common after weight loss surgery. In my opinion, people definitely treat you differently depending on how you look. It is unavoidable. It is within our DNA to do this. It may surprise you, but our desire for self preservation is proportionate to our desire for beauty. We started out as a single celled organism millions of years ago. The cell itself is infinitely complex and required much order to create.  The human body is that much more complicated.  So it is in within us to preserve this order in everything that we do. Everything out of order is highly undesirable.  Beauty is really just order in the face, read about my theory on beauty.  So for our client, a more pleasing facial appearance will remind his coworkers about this order that they desire and hence when he says something or suggests something they are more likely to respond to him in a favorable way. This favoritism towards the beautiful is obvious in our society. You can watch this video of me talking about beauty, my theory, and how it applies in our world.

Facial Beauty

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