The YoungVitalizer and its future in facial rejuvenation by Dr. Philip Young MD

The YoungVitalizer and its future in facial rejuvenation by Dr. Philip Young MD: This blog is to discuss why we think the YoungVitalizer will play a huge part in facial rejuvenation in the future. Here is an example of a patient who received the YoungVolumizer. This will help in the reading below:

 youngvitalizer before and after

When Dr. Young was training in Los Angeles, he noticed how the most famous and wealthy people were looking odd after facial plastic surgery. Now if the people in the know and the people with all the resources in the world were getting odd results, what would it be like for the average person. I would say not likely much better. Dr. Young tried to find out why. Through his search he discovered that some of the most basic things in plastic surgery needed some improvement. At the core of this was our blue prints for our goals in plastic surgery. Facial beauty and the knowledge of what makes a face beautiful is like an architectural plan is to a builder. Dr. Young found that our ideas on facial beauty were incorrect and flawed. Even today in 2011, our most dominant theories on facial beauty is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s theories of Facial Beauty that were founded back in the 1400’s. Recently, we have shown that these theories were incorrect. So plastic surgeons never really knew what made a face beautiful or not.  Dr. Young thought that this was a serious fact that we needed changing immediately. He then went on a journey to find out just what made a face beautiful or not. During those years of research he discovered his theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. Also during this time of about 8-10 years, Dr. Young was also discovering the benefits of facial rejuvenation through volumizing of the face. The culmination of the two lead to the YoungVolumizer, the breakthrough incision less face lift. This may sound too good to be true so you can find out more about this procedure on our website But, this procedure, has made a difference in many people’s lives and you can read about our testimonials for the YoungVitalizer.

Why is this procedure so important? Well it all has to do with how we age. Ideally, it is most advantageous to reverse aging in the exact order that use to get the person where they are at in the current moment.  If you try to reverse aging in a different order you get unnatural results. This is what happened in the past with traditional procedures. A large part of aging is from a volume loss. This face contracted in and down. The goal of volumizing is making the face younger by directing it up and out.  Most traditional procedures tended to make the face up, backward and more inward.  It brought the face nowwhere near the point that it used to be.  That lead to the pulled, tight and unnatural look.  You can Learn more about the YoungVitalizer here.

Notice in the above picture, how we have made the face amazingly smaller as well.  We did this by adding a lot of volume. How did we do that? Well that is our secret. You can find out more by coming into to discuss your needs through a consultation if you would like. We hope that this article will give you some hope on making your face look more rejuvenated.  We are confident that we can achieve many of your facial rejuvenation goals and we look forward to talking with you in the near future.

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