Aging and delaying the inevitable by Dr. Philip Young Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Aging and delaying the inevitable by Dr. Philip Young Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: The skin is an amazing organ.  It protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate our body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold.  Human skin is compromised of the epidermis, the dermis and the underlying adipose layer.  In the dermis, collagen fibers work to give strength and structure to the skin, while elastin fibers allow the skin to stretch and return to its original shape.  It is well established that sun exposure breaks down those fibers and is responsible for premature aging as well as skin cancer.  The most common signs of aging are:

  • Sagging and loss of elasticity
  • Enlargement of pores
  • Dryness and dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Telangiectasia

Sunscreen is, above all, the most important aspect of your skincare regimen.  We’ve all heard it so many times by our primary care physicians, dermatologist and plastic surgeons.  They’re not lying!  A broad-spectrum sunscreen must be applied every morning to prevent future damage.  Choose one that has zinc and titanium dioxide to ensure adequate UVA and UVB protection.  Topical antioxidants are also an amazing addition to your anti-aging skincare routine and will help everyone at any age.  In addition to a great preventative skincare routine, monthly microdermabrasion treatments or light chemical peels are great to assist in the penetration of active topicals.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding which products or treatments are best for you, feel free to call us anytime at 425-990-3223 or find us on our website

Thanks Dr. Young at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

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