Facial Beauty and how it is important to your life social, economically, physically

Facial Beauty and how it is important to your life social, economically, physically by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Facial beauty is so important. Most people, however, think it is some superficial trait. It can be seen that way. But, if you look beyond what is presented on the surface, it is probably the most important thing that will determine your fate in many aspects of your life. Facial beauty is really just order in the face. It is the order of important objects in the face. The order is very subtle and you can’t consciously pick it out. It is just something that your brain knows. The brain is able to interpret it faster and clearer than what you are able to concretely and objectively determine. This interpretation is very strong in your brain and your brain places a lot of importance on it. Anything out of order, will bring tension to the observer. This tension is something that people subconsciously do not like.  What happens in your everyday interactions is that your beauty can be the tipping factor for you in many situations.  This can be in the situation where you are applying for a job, getting promoted, getting elected to be president, etc.  The impact is obvious with sexual attraction and the benefits of beauty in this situation. But it is not so obvious sometimes in other areas of your life. So beauty is not superficial. In fact it is probably the most pervasive and deepest reaching trait we have.  You can learn more about Dr. Philip Young’s theory on facial beauty with this link.

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Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

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