Mole Removal: The best method by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue

Mole Removal: The best method by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue:

Skin Lesion Mole Removal

I see a lot of people and many times during a day I see the results of different approaches to the removal of moles. Many physicians approach mole removal through cryotherapy. This involves applying liquid nitrogen which freezes and kills the mole. It is hard to control and many times you can be left with a bad scar that can be even bigger than the original mole.  This occurs because the cold temperature spreads and can kill cells and the skin nearby extending the damage and the scar. Shaving the mole off is often practiced by many physician as well. In this situation, a blade / or knife is used to shave the mole off. What is often left is the base of the mole. This allows the mole to grow right back because the base of the mole will contain cells that will repopulate what was shaved off. Excisional Mole Removal is a much superior option. But cutting is always looked upon with some negativity. If done well you can get a great result. See this testimonial on mole removal. The mole removal with a laser is another good option for smaller moles. The co2 laser is used to physically burn through the mole and is good for moles that are smaller than 3-4 mm. Knowing each option and the risks and benefits is important in deciding which option to choose. You can read about the positives and benefits of excision versus co2 laser mole removal. Here is another web page on the recovery after mole excision.

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