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Why choose us for your Rhinoplasty – Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Bellevue: Choosing someone to do your Rhinoplasty can be a huge decision. After all, they will be operating a your face. The nose is one of the most important shapes on your face and changing it is the easiest way to make the biggest impact on your appearance. In contrast, the rhinoplasty surgery is not the easiest surgery. In fact, it is the hardest surgery that plastic surgeons have to do. If your plastic surgery, says that your nose will be easy he is not really telling you the full story in my opinion. We, Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery,  have a lot of respect for this surgery and know that you can always get better. Well then lets talk about why you should choose us.

Rhinoplasty Nasal Tip Narrowing Hump Removal before after

Rhinoplasty Nasal Tip Narrowing Hump Removal before after

First, we take more time than most in our opinion. Some say that we may be too slow. But we take our time with the most minute detail. For example, we were in a surgery on Thursday 8/16 and I was spending almost 20 minutes on just a small area on the bridge of the nose that was less than a mm in size. Although, this might seem excessive, I really wanted to make it perfect. Although, through a casual observers eye, you can notice those minor differences. Most surgeons would pass over this and say that it is close enough. My assistants can tell you that we go above and beyond to try to get the most perfect results. Perfect however is unattainable, but we really try to strive to ultimately be perfect.

Second, we don’t put a large number of cases on in a day. In fact, 99% of the time you are likely the only rhinoplasty that day and only the main surgery for that day. We don’t believe in having consults or other office appointments after our surgeries because we don’t want to feel rushed to see people while we are in surgery. We want to take the time to get the best results. These are some questions I would ask your surgeon. Many surgeons put 3-4 rhinoplasties on in a day. To me that is too fast to get good results. With this speed there are a lot of things that will be missed and glossed over.

Third, Dr. Young is fellowship trained and spent an extra specialized year beyond residency to learn just the plastic surgery of the face and neck.


Rhinoplasty before after for Middle Eastern Persian Patient

Rhinoplasty before after for Middle Eastern Persian Patient

Fourth, Dr. Young has trained with the best plastic surgeons in the world and has learned from the best in the world through his travels, visits and during medical missions. He fairly recently went on a Vietnam Trip with a doctor that has done some of the most famous people in the world.

Fifth, Dr. Young is always improving on his skills. On a regular basis, Dr. Young writes in his journal on his personal approach to rhinoplasty. Some surgeons have said that they have done 4000 -8000 noses in the past. This high number sort of assures you that they have experience. However, it has been my experience, that some of these surgeons do the 4001 rhinoplasty just like they did the first one. Talent plays a huge part towards how good a particular rhinoplasty surgeon is.  Hopefully, with the talented rhinoplasty surgeon his 4001 rhinoplasty is a million times better than his first!  Dr. Young tries to face each rhinoplasty surgery as his first one with all the wonder and excitement. But he tries to carry our the manuevers and complete the rhinoplasty like he has done a million of them.


Rhinoplasty asian before after wide nose nostril

Rhinoplasty asian before after wide nose nostril

Sixth, we spend a lot of time listening to you so that we can really get your thoughts on what you want with your nose. This helps us tremendously during the procedure. We will ask you questions like, if you were to choose would you lean toward having your tip smaller or larger than the computer morphed picture that we create together.  For your bridge, would you want me to skew towards making a stronger bridge or would you prefer more of a reduction and more of a slope to your tip. These are nuances that we like to have before going into the procedure. Our minor adjustments are more easily made with these thoughts in mind.

Seventh, we use computer imaging to get a better idea of what you want. Although, it is not entirely possible to create the morphed pictures exactly the way we design, we do all we can to come as close as possible. Most all of the time, we will ask the other staff to look at the before and afters to see if we have come as close as possible to get a second, third or fourth pair of eyes to judge where we are in the rhinoplasty process. We do this as a team.


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