Rhinoplasty Steroid Injection Video by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Steroid Injection Video by Dr. Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

We wanted to discuss steroid injections to the nose and introduce our video on this subject with a live demonstration of the steroid injections. Click here to watch our Video: Post Rhinoplasty Steroid Injection Video. We use Kenalog and low dosage. We also dilute the kenalog to make it so the results are more subtle, slower, conservative and with less complications. Steroid injections to the nose are best used if there are localized areas of swelling and not general swelling. If it is generally swollen, we like to give oral steroids like a medrol dose pack. You can go on to rxlist.com to read about the risks and benefits for your own knowledge.  Some people are afraid of steroid injections. The complication of steroid injections include that the skin can get thinned out and there can be dents that form if you dont do the steroid injections correct and in the wrong plane. The key to doing the injections is getting it in the right plane which we have a lot of experience doing. Also we stay away from strong dosing of steroid injections. We like to do low dose steroids, diluted and more frequent. This cuts down on a lot of the complications that you can get with steroid injections.

Other people are afraid of the pain of steroid injections in the nose for after a rhinoplasty procedure. We cut down on the discomfort by using topical anesthesia and then using some local anesthesia in the steroid injections themselves to further increase the comfort.  This is all demonstrated in our video. You can find more useful information and videos here at www.drphilipyoung.com

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