Atrophic Forehead Scar from Acne by Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young

Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young talks about Atrophic Acne Scars in the Forehead and there treatment and the specifics that should be consider with scar revision treatment:

For your atrophic acne forehead scar it basically looks like it is similar to a boxcar scar. Box car acne scars are depressed but no as narrow as a needle which would be more appropriately called an ice pick scar. What you need for your Forehead Atrophic Scar is at least some lasering and maybe even some volumizing with some type of filler or tissue. Because it’s a solitary lesion the other option is considering to excise it . But the challenge with that is that it’s an excisional approach and you will have a new scar although better. Breaking up that linear scar would be a good idea and I would consider doing some sort of pattern to hide the scar. But there are other risks with cutting them out as well. You can have imperfect results depending on how you heal. You can have dog ears which are elevations on the sides of the scars. Also when you excise a scar, the new scar has to be at least 2 times the scars most longitudinal length. If you want avoid cutting them out then I would do a multiple-step approach to improve for your scar and treat multiple layers at one time. We have a unique approach called the Acne Scar Vitalizer Approach. Through this approach we will use 5-7 steps to treat all the layers and this will include resurfacing using newer approaches in utilizing the lasers power. We also combine more methods to treat the deeper layers which shock your scars to get the best results we have ever seen!

Atrophic Forehead Scar Example from Acne by Seattle's Dr. Philip Young

Atrophic Forehead Scar Example from Acne by Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young


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