Enlarged Pores and Acne Ice Pick Scars. Are they related and are the treatments the same?

Enlarged pores can act in the same way as ice pick scars. Ice pick scars respond much differently than other acne scars like elevated scars, box car and rolling scars. Ice pick are scars that look like they were made as a cast to make a needle. They are small tight and deep. Box car scars are side more open scars the size of at least more than 3-4mm in diameter. Rolling scars are areas of depressions creating a look of a rolling hillside. In my experience acne scars or more in the Superficial layers of the skin versus deeper layers that other scars involve. Although acne involves all layers of your skin and it can reach into the deeper layers even above your muscles, there’s certain specific treatments that work with certain types of scars. Some scars respond more to work in the deeper layer. Some scars like box car scars respond to certain methods that help ice pick and other methods that help more rolling scars. With ice pick scars you have to create controlled trauma to try to get it to raise up to the rest of levels skin. So there is an answer to try to help ice pick scars and enlarged pores and it’s by creating that trauma and we have done this before and have a lot of experience doing that. Here are links to specific treatments:

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Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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