Permanent Solutions to Acne Scars

​The lasers and fillers sound all promising. These options can have some mild to moderate effects. I have done lasers and other acne scar revision treatment for over 16 years. No one treatment is going to treat all the scars of acne as a single modality. Hence over the past 16 years I’ve developed a combination approach that uses five to seven steps treat all types of acne scars. Fillers are temporary and may not be the solution. They are supposed to only last 6 months to 1-2 years. Also fillers cannot change the scars like other procedures do. I work with fillers many times before for ice packs, rolling, elevated and boxcar scars. Sometimes it can work but a lot of times it can actually make them look a lot worse especially with ice pick scars. And the reason is because the very tough scars or so scarred around them that the fillers tend to go around the scars instead of under them where they need it. I’ve seen that before and have tried that many times. We have a combination approach that uses five to seven steps and it’s all done in about 2 hours and it’s called the Acne Scar Vitalizer Treatment. This was developed over 15 years of experience with scarring and acne scarring.

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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