Maria Geronazzo and her enlarged Lips

This is another person I found through the web. Her name is Maria Geronazzo.  She had lip augmentation.  One of the sites mentioned that it went bad.  This is obvious when you see her.  Our minds automatically know that it is out of the range of beautiful.  Our minds are more complicated than we can understand.  We actually don’t know why this looks on the bad side, we just do.  The reason for this is that we don’t have a good understanding of really what makes some beautiful or not.  Leonardo da Vinci’s theory on aesthestics in the face is still the dominant theory and it has been shown to be incorrect through many scientific papers recently.  I discovered the Circles of Prominence to explain facial beauty.  Based on my theory, her upper lips are too close to the size of her lower lips.  They are ideally one iris width wide and a 1/2 iris width high in the central portion with it gradually tapering off to the sides. The lower lip should be 3 iris widths wide and  1 iris width in heigth.  Specifically, I’m talking about the highlights that the lip volume produces, the actual light that is reflected to the viewer.  We now know why a particular lip is too big for many different Hollywood Stars out there after they get their lips done.  You can check out my website for more information on the Circles of Prominence theory.

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