Leslie Vogol

This is the mom of Hayden Panettierre. She seemed to have had some changes in her face.  It appears that she had some lip augmentation.  The good thing is that her upper lip is still smaller than her lower lip unlike what many Hollywood stars are getting done.  Her lower lips however maybe a tad too wide.  The highlight the puckering creates really should be about 3 iris widths wide and 1 iris width high.  The upper lip should only be around 1/2 an iris width high and the puckering in the upper lip should be concentrated at the central part of the lip and about an iris width wide.  Her nose also looks like she had something done and the bridge has been taken too far down specifically the middle part.  This creates a break in the highlight of the nasal bridge and decreases her beauty.  Also the whole nose is a little too narrow. The width of the nose should be about an iris width.  Knowledge of aesthetics is essential in getting a great result!

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