Aging eyes at 27?

I see the extra skin in your upper eyelids. I hope that is what you are talking about. This happens when you lose volume around your eyes which happens when you age. Underneath your brow, you slowly lose fat, connective tissue within your skin that causes the skin to sag downward because of the reduction of volume. During the seasons, depending on how much water you drink and what your nutritional intake is, you will have a different state of volume. This can account for the different appearances that you seem to be having when you look at yourself at different points in time.

Of course, you should have a complete medical evaluation to make sure that there is nothing else going on that could account this including issues with your kidney, liver, and even thyroid. Allergies can also play a factor. When everything else checks out fine, aging might be the sole cause. The answer to this includes filling back the volume or doing an null and/or Brow Lift. Although, you seem to have a fine position for your brows.

Filling your eyebrow and upper eyelids with volume is the most natural way to achieve more youthful looking eyes.  This can be done with small puncture holes that heal essentially imperceptibly.  The YoungLift is my unique and amazing technique to volumize the face using a person’s own tissues.  The YoungLift is done without incisions, without General Anesthesia, and the recovery is many times faster than traditional procedures. I incorporate my internationally acclaimed theory on aesthetics to bring out the younger and natural you.  This is ideal in a younger person to restore lost volume in this case.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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