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We are Revamping our YouTube Channel. We are the “Beauty Docs” and we want you to Get a Glimpse of our Lives in Plastic Surgery in 60second Video

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

We are Revamping our YouTube Channel. We are the “Beauty Docs” and we want you to Get a Glimpse of our Lives in Plastic Surgery in 60second Video

See us on YouTube. We have decided to take on as our new YouTube nickname of “The Beauty Docs”. We thought this would be the best way to represent us because we have a theory on beauty that helps us get the best results. I just got my 3rd paper accepted by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on this topic. Please watch our newest video called “A Glimpse into our Lives in Plastic Surgery in 60 secs Video“. We feature an eyelift, facelift, browlift, and upper lip lift.

Below is a transcript for our Video

This plastic surgery video will help you get a glimpse into our lives and what we do in plastic surgery in 60 secs. Hi This is Dr Philip Young and we’re the Beauty Docs on YouTube We would love to have you subscribe to our channel. This first clip is the Buffalo Gull Wing Upper Lip Lift Surgery To Improve the appearance of your upper lips. You can shorten the distance between your nose and lips and make your upper lips larger for an all around more beautiful look. This next video show us doing a facelift and we are showing the deep plane under the SMAS. The deep Plane can help make your facelift results last much longer. This video clips shows us doing an upper eyelid lift. The upper eyelid lift is relatively minimally invasive and can have a dramatic impact on your looks. This next segment shows us doing a browlift. I’m releasing the tough attachments near the brow to allow the eyebrow to be raised higher for more of an awake, happier and approachable look. Click the top right corner and subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching

Asian Blepharoplasty Double eyelid Crease formation – a personal story in Plastic Surgery

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Asian Blepharoplasty & Creating the Double Eyelid Crease in Plastic Surgery: A Personal Account of someones’ Story

I had an Asian Patient from Idaho come to me and our Plastic Surgery Clinic for an asian blepharoplasty double eyelid procedure. She had 4 Asian Blepharoplasties / Double Eyelid Crease Forming Procedures prior to coming to see me to create a crease in her eyelid. She went to a surgeon that she was referred to by a close family friend.  Her first surgery created asymmetric eyelid creases so that one person’s higher than the other . So she went in and did it again and this time it was better but she came out with quite a bit of scarring. The surgeon then did another surgery to correct the scarring. I saw her and she wanted me to correct the double eyelid crease. She felt like she wanted to remove skin. She also said that that she had loose skin in the crease and that it was not particularly tight. Her thought was that she could just remove skin to improve the wrinkling.

She went on to tell me that she felt that being in America, especially in a part of America that’s not as diverse, she felt more “Asian” than typical. She felt that she stood out a little bit more among the rest of the people. So she wanted to change her most distinguishing asian features which were her “Chinese Eyes”. Comments like “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these” were strange and hurtful. She even brought up a period where Abercrombie and Fitch sold shirts that said:”Wong Brothers Laundry Service — Two Wongs Can Make It White”, “Rick Shaw’s Hoagies and Grinders…Order by the foot. Good meat. Quick feet.” Read more here: Racist t shirts by Abercrombie and Fitch.

I know how she felt. Back in the day that I grew up even in Seattle, being asian was definitely different. Comments from teachers and students racially flavored has an effect on how you feel about yourself. When you are white in a white dominated population, the way you look doesn’t come into the discussion as much.  If you have some physical element that stands out that can be something that you could be made fun of and it might or might not be as divisive as race, for example in the situation where someone has bigger ears or bigger nose. But I guess we all have some challenges to overcome and being different racially just might be a minority’s challenge. But it seems like most people agree that it shouldn’t be.

After a long discussion we decided that she needed to have her crease recreated and actually no skin taken out. So our plan was to recreate the crease. We spend about and hour to figure out exactly where her points were in her eyelid that she wanted to have the crease set. In the surgery, the crease and the layers in the eyelid were highly scarred. It took me quite a long time to identify the anatomy. With the eyelid open and the patient somewhat awake I was able to see the movement of the muscle that pulls up the eyelid crease in the tarsal plate that is in front of the eye. Through careful identification of the levator I was able to carry out the double crease formation. Here’s a video showing the double eyelid crease formation just to get an idea of how this procedure is done.

Follow this link to our main Asian Plastic Surgery Page.

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Results

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon EXCLUSIVELY weighs in on Renee Zellweger's new look!


I had many clients and other people mention about Renee Zellweger’s plastic surgery so I thought I weigh in on her results. She does look different. I think with celebrities we have in our minds a set picture of what they look like and there are many things that are related to this person which includes all of her movies. Over time people change and we see a gradual transition and we are okay with that. A sudden change presents more of a shock for people in this case.

The article discusses laser resurfacing, botox, fillers, upper eyelid lift and browlift. I think that all of those things could have been done but I don’t think that she had a brow lift. An eyelift can have a major impact on someone’s looks. A interesting study looked at the eye movements one makes when analyzing a new face and what we find, not surprisingly is that the iris is where we spend the most time looking at. This was pretty important in my discovery of a new theory on facial beauty. This is also the reason that if you do something to the eyes, your perception of what a person looks like will be drastically altered like it is in this case. In my expert opinion, I see that the major changes that have taken place is in the eyes and specifically an upper eyelid lift is what she had done and not much has changed. But because it was her eyes, a major impact and change was Perceived.

Seattle Face Lift Webpage Released by Dr. Young of Bellevue’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Seattle Face Lift Webpage Released by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: We recently updated our page on face lift from our Seattle / Bellevue based office. There are some helpful links to our procedures including facelift, eye lifts, fat injections, brow lifts, and the YoungVolumizer, the breakthrough incision less face lift. What is the best thing for you. Dr. Young’s ideas are based on results, natural results and constantly improving the way we do things in facial rejuvenation. It started with his theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. During his training in Los Angeles, he noticed that some of the results from facial plastic surgery were not natural. Facelifts look pulled and stretched. Eyelifts were leading to people looking different from how they used to look when they were younger. This instilled Dr. Young to find out why. He discovered that much of what was out there describing what was beautiful in the face was relatively sparse. Even today’s plastic surgery textbooks, and other book on beauty still use theories from the 1400’s to describe beauty. Those theories are largely based on Leonardo da Vinci’s theories on beauty that are now referred to as the neo classical canons. They are founded on Roman theories and hence are termed “neo”.  These theories however are based on external landmarks that we just don’t spend that much time looking at when we see and analyze a face.  A new theory must be based on what we spend most of our time looking at. Dr. Young discovered, not surprisingly, that there was something in the eyes that was important for a new theory to be correct.  You can read more about Dr. Young’s theory on facial beauty here.

Seattle Face Lift

So what procedure should you choose. Well, if you want to look more like what you looked like when you were younger volumizing will play some role no matter what. The question is whether you changed your appearance over time. If you changed from your facial structure from a grape to a larger grape, you may have extra tissue that will need to be removed. This is where a face lift, neck lift and liposuction can help with.  But if you didn’t change much and just lost volume as you aged, then volumizing might be the main way for you to rejuvenate your face. Dr. Young has a way of determining what is best for you through his theory. Within the middle part of the face, Dr. Young believes that mid face lifts, and lower eyelid lifts are rarely the best option / choice. Volumizing is almost always the best way to rejuvenate this area. The one area that volumizing is the weaker choice is for the jowls, and neck laxity. The double chin, and neck banding are better treated with a neck lift and volumizing will not help much. For the eyes, if you don’t mind a more scultped look then an eyelift might be the better choice for you for you upper eyelids. Also if you didn’t like your eyebrows at the position that they were when you were younger, then volumizing might not be the best choice here and browlifting might be better. Just remember that a browlift will change the way you look but it can improve your eyebrow position.  But don’t do a browlift to return to a younger age and the way you looked when you were younger.

Dr. Young has a nice video on Introducing his Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift, the YoungVitilizer.

You can visit this informative page: Facelifts Explanations and Options to learn more.

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Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery!

Healing your body and mind by Dr. Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Healing your body and mind by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Once you have the procedure you waited a long time for, it is time to be patient and wait, again, for your body to heal.  Unfortunately, a surgeon’s scalpel is not a magic wand and healing will occur at different rates for different people.  You must allow yourself to heal and be aware it is natural to be impatient for the results and a little anxious because you often look worse before you look better.  Being aware this can happen will help you understand these normal feelings.

Sharing your experience with friends and family can help give you a support system during your recovery, but realize they may unintentionally make you question your decision with concerns during your recovery.  While you may think that you are looking pretty rough around the edges, we may tell you that you are healing beautifully.  Trust us.  We will share with you if there is a concern, so if we tell you that everything is healing normally, it is.

Your healing will depend on many things such as your general health, your willingness to follow instructions, and your mental attitude toward recovery.  While I can perform the surgery, I cannot “heal” you.  It is up to you to be an active participant in your recovery process to help your body heal the best that it can.  Following all of our instruction is very important, as is working with us to address any complications that may arise.  Even surgeries that are done exactly right can have complications during recovery.  It has to do with the human factor.  We are not machines and every person can react differently and heal differently even when the surgery is done exactly the same.  Every surgeon has unexpected results from time to time.

It is important you approach your surgery and especially your recovery with the mindset that we are a team, and you are an integral part of that team.  We must trust each other to be working for a common goal, your successful result.  As the surgeon, I enjoy my work and strive to achieve an ideal result during every surgery for every patient.  I have rigorous standards that my staff must meet in order to be involved in your care.  I am looking forward to working with you to achieve a great result and do not anticipate any post-operative problems.  I will do everything I can to make sure that you are happy with your result.

Dr. Philip Young, MD


Eye bags at the age of 19 are they from my genes or lack of sleep

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Eye bags at the age of 19 are they from my genes or lack of sleep by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Eye bags are based on some genetics but most people have some element of it. I wouldn’t blame mother. Eye bags, Eye dark circles happen to almost everyone and it starts in the 20’s and 20’s. The cause is mostly the volume loss under your eyelid fat. The eyelid fat doesn’t get metabolized by the body and thus looks like it has grown. But it really is a loss of volume underneath it that accentuates it. Traditionally, people tended to remove the eyelid bags. This was not really treating the cause of what made them appear. The more natural way is to fill the volume loss. The options temporarily include fillers like restylane, perlane, juvederm. Long term options include fat injections, the young vitalizer, implants in this area.  Because you haven’t had anything done I would start with fillers before moving on to more longer lasting options. A lack of sleep can accentuate the condition. But mostly it is an issue of aging. The YoungVitalizer is another great option for lower eyelid bags and the one that I prefer.

lower eye bags before and after treatment

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Dr Young specializes in Plastic Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

persistent furrows between eyes, asymmetry in eyes, cockeyed appearance and persistent lower eyelid bags?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Persistent furrows between eyes, asymmetry in eyes, cockeyed appearance and persistent lower eyelid bags by Dr. Philip Young? The asymmetry in your eyes could be due to swelling that is still from surgery. How long has it been since the surgery?  Swelling can last a couple of months.  Most of it goes away in a week and more so after a month. The lower eye lift is supposed to remove fat from your eyelids.  Sometimes though this can accentuate the hollowing in the lower eyelid area and make you look even older here. Wrinkles in your forehead can be improved by a brow lift by raising the eyebrows and negating the need to open up your eyelids and eyebrows more.  Also removing muscle in between your eyes can really help prevent the vertical lines in between your eyebrows and eyes. Fat injections in the lower eyelid and forehead and upper third of the face can really bring youth to your face.

Click here for our Browlift YouTube Playlist

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Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

I’m european and have low eyebrows and puffy eyelids. Would a brow lift be something for me?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

I’m european and have low eyebrows and puffy eyelids. Would a brow lift be something for me by of Dr. Philip Young Bellevue | Seattle: I see that you may have some fullness in the upper eyelid area. This is actually something that gives you youth and that is something to think about.  Your eyebrows may be a little low but not worth the extent of a browlift.  A browlift could feminize you and create more of a surprised look for you. I think if you were to consider something, I would suggest taking some skin from your upper eyelid or actually creating a crease as in Asian eyelid surgery. This could define your upper eyelids more. Your situation is something that Asian people inquire about all the time.  A crease could decrease the puffiness you have to a controlled degree without lifting your eyebrows to a surprised and more feminine appearance.

upper eyelid lift blepharoplasty

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Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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Brow lift for an attractive lady who feels she has a sad look or sad eyes. Would a temple lift or brow lift work?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Brow lift for an attractive lady who feels she has a sad look or sad eyes. Would a temple lift or brow lift work? by Dr. Philip Young: This is how I answered this lady that came into my office:

You are an attractive pretty lady. I can see why, though, you would possibly think that you have sad eyes. One I think that your eyebrow may be a little low but not extremely low. A browlift may help you brighten up the face / image and your eyes. One technique that could help you is if you thinned your eyebrows through judicious brow waxing and hair plucking.  Also lightening your eyebrows could help.  But a brow lift could increase this distance and make your eyes look softer.  The distance between your eyelid margin and eye brows should be around 1 iris width and not much more than 1 1/2 iris widths.  A temple lift would concentrate on your lateral portion of your eyebrow.  A brow lift would be the whole eyebrow lifted. In my opinion, I think you need the medial part of your eyebrow lifted as much as your lateral part of your eyebrow, if not more. I would do a brow lift and not just a temple lift.

Brow Lift Learning Videos

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Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

My eyes are set high and my eyebrows are closer to my eyes. What can be done?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

My eyes are set high and my eyebrows are closer to my eyes. What can be done? by Dr. Philip Young: Low set eyebrows and not high set eyes could possibly be the status and a browlift could help  / improve your situation. Without a image, it would be really difficult for me to know what you are talking about. Most simply, I have a theory on facial beauty that might help you understand your facial aesthetics better. I would suggest that you read that seminal paper. But if your eyebrows are a little closer to your eyes, a brow lift could be the simplest answer for you. This will create some separation from your eyes and your eyebrow.  Ideally this distance is around one iris width from your eyelid margin to the bottom of your eyebrow.  Much more than this distance will give you a surprised look.  Much less than an iris width will give you a stern look.

Follow this link to see our Brow Lift Before and After Images.

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Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington