Brow lift and Forehead lift are the same thing

Browlifts and forehead lifts are the same terms for essentially the same procedure. Both describe elevating the eyebrows to a point that increases the aesthetics / beauty of the eyebrow / eye region to help with tired eyes and extra eyelid skin and drooping brows.

There are many ways to approach the brow lift. You can make an incision along the hairline, behind the hair, or in a forehead crease and the extent of each differs. Importantly, knowing exactly how much to pull up the eyebrows are essential for a great result. You may have seen results in the media of people who don’t look natural. You may have seen Joan Rivers, Pamela Anderson, etc. with brow lifts that leave them looking surprised. The reason for this is that our understanding of aesthetics is not solid at this point. We really don’t know how much the brow should be above the eyelid margin.

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