Is a browlift or blepharoplasty a better procedure to do?

It depends on where your eyebrow sits above your eye. Your eyebrow should sit above your eyelid margin about the size of the width of your iris. So depending on where your eyebrow sits, you will be a better candidate for an eyebrow lift or just an eyelift.

If your eyebrow sits below the distance of the width of your iris, you could benefit from an eyebrow lift. If it sits above this distance, an eyebrow lift could make you look surprised. That distance determines whether you look suprised or maybe more stern-looking or tired-looking.

If you elevate the eyebrow much more than the width of the iris you could have that surprised look. A little more than that distance is okay, but once you start approaching 1 1/2 times the distance of the iris, the suprised look takes on more prominence. After elevating your eyebrows, you are then more able to determine how much skin to take.

Another way to make the eyebrow and upper eyelid area look more youthful is by volumizing the whole area.  By replacing volume in the forehead and eyebrow area you can lift the eyebrows subtly and naturally while taking away the extra skin by filling it! You can check out my YoungVitalizer on my main website!

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