Combining Otoplasty and Ear Reshaping with other procedures

You can have multiple procedures, but with that comes an extra cost, but also possibly additional savings when you combine procedures. You should really think about the comfort level for yourself after multiple procedures.

When multiple procedures are done, there is more to take care of and more to consider in terms of your appearance. You will need to get used to differences in your appearance in multiple different areas, and this is something you should really think about.

The more procedures, the longer the surgery time, and sometimes the more recovery as well. Each area needs to be considered on its own and attention to detail for each procedure is a must on the part of you and particularly your surgeon. You should be comfortable that your surgeon will do his best for each procedure which really carries its own particular nuances. Someone with a good sense of aesthetics is a must.

Otoplasty can be done through very small and unnoticeable incisions behind the ear.  Very natural results can be attained.  You should see my website for pictures and testimonials.

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