Improving the Dark Circles and Bags under the eyes and lower eyelid

I refined a volumizing technique called the YoungVitalizer that entails replacing the volume in the lower eyelid and upper cheek area to reduce the appearance of lower eyelid dark circles and bags. This creates a more natural and younger look without looking like you had something done.  The YoungVitalizer is an amazing procedure that uses a persons own tissues to volumize the face for a more younger and natural look.

People age like a how a grape turns into a raisin. Surgeons are used to making the raisin smaller but a person doesn’t look anything like how the person looked like when they were a grape at a younger age. This principle of making a smaller raisin is done when surgeons employ the lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Although volumization with the YoungVitalizer can markedly improve the lower eyelid dark circles and bags there are times when removing fat can help the bags but it is less needed when volumization is done first. Volumization through the YoungVitalizer can create a more volumized cheek to match and be more level with the lower eyelid fat and bags.  The results are more natural.

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