Fat injections in the temple to elevate the eyebrows?

Fat Transfer are the most complicated procedure that a plastic surgeon can do in regards to rejuvenating the face. When fat is placed in the temple and lateral brow area, a modest amount of elevation of the brow can occur. The key is grafting the fat so that it survives to keep the volume and the lift that it has in the lateral brow area.

Oftentimes, a brow lift will be something that can’t be avoided. In studying the brow area, I have found that when fat grafting is concentrated in certain areas, a lateral brow lift can occur in a very beautiful way. The key to achieving this is very elusive. I have some unique insight into this that has not been previously been known. My plan is to publish this in a future article. In short, this can be done, but this area of plastic surgeon is a fresh frontier that I think is being elucidated as we speak!

I refined an amazing volumizing procedure called “the YoungLift”.  This is an innovative technique that volumizes your face to bring out the younger and natural you without looking like you had something done.  This is not a facelift and requires no incisions.  Only pinpoint puncture sites are used and these heal imperceptibly.  The YoungLift can be done without general anesthesia and without drains, and large bandages.  You also have a lot less downtime and discomfort compared with traditional facelift procedures.  Dr Young employs the very best techniques from around the world into one volumizing procedure and he uses his internationally acclaimed understanding of facial beauty to create the youthful volume you once had.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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