How much do facelifts generally cost?

The cost of nulls varies depending on the particular region that you are in. A traditional facelift will cost more because it takes more time and there are more risks involved with them. A mini lift, which entails skin elevation and sutures to pull up the underlying muscle, is easier to do and takes a lot less time ranges between 3-6 thousand. A more complete lift, which entails lifting up the muscle in a deeper plane and other ancillary procedures, can range from 5-10 or more thousand dollars.

Researching the doctor can help your cause. You want to go to a surgeon that has done a lot of these procedures. Experience does count for a lot. I have done over 1200 facelifts and I have employed all different types of facelift procedures. You definitely want to go to someone who cares about what you want as well. This can mean a world of difference.

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