What kind of anesthesia is best to do for facelifts?

nullcan be done under local anesthesia and general anesthesia. It really depends on the person and how they can handle being slightly awake or not during the procedure. Also, a particular person’s pain tolerance plays a major part.

In my experience, IV sedation is the best way to do the procedure. You can have the person in a deeper or lighter state depending on the situation during the procedure that can help both the surgeon and the patient. Sometimes, cooperation by the patient during the procedure can help facilitate the surgeon’s efforts. When there is a painful part, the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist can make the person sleepier so they can tolerate that particular part.

Also, IV sedation creates amnesia for the patient so that they don’t remember the events as well. Some people can tolerate local anesthesia with oral sedation using valium. But the patient really has to be able to tolerate the injections and some of the discomfort when you do the pulling of the tissues. They will also have to withstand the sounds that they will hear during the procedure when they are not totally out and sleeping. All of these things should be reviewed with the patient prior to the day so that they are fully aware of what is going to happen during the lift / procedure.

General anesthesia is also another option; the risks are little more with this option, but you are totally out during the procedure. This is preferable for some people. They will not know anything during the procedure which some people really desire. Patient cooperation is limited so working under the chin can be more challenging for the surgeon.

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