How much is Arcus Marginalis Release and Fat grafting Cost?

Arcus Marginalis release is around the same price as null or a little more around $2k-5k.  It depends on what region the surgeon is and the surgeons reputation. There are many ways to price fat grafting some use amount per milliliter or by region but for the lower eyelid and cheek area is around 3-k for fat grafting in the lower eyelid area.

Arcus mariginalis release and fat repositioning for the lower eyelid is a way to improve the appearance of baggy eyelids and fat bags in the lower eyelid. This does improve the uneven levels in the lower eyelid but it doesn’t correct a fundamental thing–a loss of volume. Also, the complications are high with this procedure. You can have problems with your eyelid retracting, the fat often retracts back into the orbit, and the release of the volume of the orbit to the front of the orbital rim can make the upper eyelid more hollow by “stealing” volume from the orbit.  Fillers and fat injections into the lower eyelid region can improve this area in a natural way and is a great and better alternative in my opinion.

The YoungLift is a great way to rejuvenate the lower eyelid and cheek area.  It is done with no incisions, with less recovery than traditional procedures and can be done without general anesthesia.

Dr Young’s Office is in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington.

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