How to improve the appearance for the tear troughs

The question was asked of me whether null or restylane injections were better for the tear trough location. Both of those options can help. I think Restylane would be a better alternative to replace the volume that you have lost in the lower eyelid and cheek area. That is essentially what has happened — a loss of volume. The only thing is that restylane will last only 6-9 months. Fat repositioning can help the condition but there are limitations. It can leave you looking hollow and it can impact the position of your eyelids and can have complications.

I don’t prefer the fat repositioning procedure. I think volumizing the area is the best way to rejuvenate the face and the lower eyelid area. It can give you the most naturally looking results.  Fat transfer to this area is the best if done right.

Thenull is an amazing approach to volumize the face using a person’s own tissues.  This approach can be used in the lower eyelid area and upper cheek area to rejuvenate this whole region.

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