Improving Lower eyelid wrinkles, bags, dark circles

Botox can prevent the muscles under the null from bunching and can reduce the wrinkles for a while. You can also get a laser peel there and will tighten up the skin in the area. A skin pinch can reduce the skin in this area also.

At age 19, a loss of volume from aging would be a little early for you. If this was the case, and you can find this out by looking at your pictures when you were younger to see if volume has decreased, you can add volume to the lower eyelid region with fillers and fat transfer. Given that you are so young most will likely suggest botox, skin care, sun protection. It would be better if you would send in pictures of yourself without smiling and you can tell how much volume you’ve lost in the lower eyelid area.

All of these procedures can be done in our office by Dr Philip Young MD in his Bellevue office near Seattle, Washington.

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