Heidi Montag Nose Job, did she have one and how are the results

heidi-montag-breast-implants This is a picture of Heidi Montag. Because I specialize in the face and neck plastic surgery and not the rest of the body. I will comment only on what I see in her face.  From the look of these pictures, it appears that Heidi has a change in her appearance from the left to the right.  Her nasal tip looks to be more refined with less of a bulbous appearance.  This is a common maneuver in Rhinoplasty.  The ideal size of the nasal tip should be about one iris width in dimension.  Anything bigger will attract more negative attention because it draws more attention to it than the iris.  When it is the same size as the iris, the nasal tip harmonizes with the iris and there is a connection between the nose and the eye.  When the nasal tip is smaller than an iris width, it attracts less attention and is less of a distraction but it harmonizes less with the iris and hence will be considered less beautiful.  Based on these photos, if she where to have had a rhinoplasty, I think the results have definitely improved her Facial Beauty!

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