Stephanie Pratt and her rhinoplasty/ nose job?

stephanie pratt

From the looks of the picture, it appears that Stephanie Pratt has some changes to her nose which could very well be from a Rhinoplasty.  From my eye, her nasal tip looks significantly different.  The tip is rotated higher and it is smaller in size. Also the upper portions of the nasal tip has been made smaller as well. Her bulbous tip has been refined so that is is closer to the size of her iris.  It is a really good job done by her plastic surgeon.   She does have a narrowing in the area above her nasal tip that could have been improved to a little larger width like the rest of her nose and hence have more harmony for the entire nasal bridge.  Based on my theory on facial beauty called the Facial Beautyher tip is near ideal size and shape!

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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