Question about the tip being too big and asymmetry after oozing on one side after a rhinoplasty from another surgeon.

Sometimes, when you have more oozing on one side it will be more swollen and cause the nose to look asymmetric which will resolve in a few months. You will continue to change for the first 6 months to a year after a Rhinoplasty. Your doctor will know best what it will likely look like.

Depending on what was done, the tip will likely get more and more refined and look better and better. The breathing can be due to swelling in this early period. Because your tip looks like it goes to the right, it is possible that this is due to a structural issue and that your tip is going to the left which will impinge sometimes the airway on the right side. This may require a revision but it may be too early to tell.

I would discuss this with your doctor and have him look at it. The only way to tell is for me to really look at it in person as well. Don’t worry, all will be well. You can easily revise these things often times.

Judicious use of steroids can help with the asymmetric swelling but it could also lead to its own problems by making the skin really thin and creating abnormalities if the steroids is not injected deeps enough.

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