Question regarding the tip being too round after rhinoplasty from another surgeon?

This is a questions that I answered for a patient that had a rhinoplasty from another surgeon and felt her nasal tip was too round after the procedure.

If it is above the tip area, this might be because you don’t have a supratip break point.  The supratip area usually should be lower than the actual tip. This helps to distinguish your nasal tip from your nasal bridge and should be above your nasal tip about 1-2mm. Also the angle from your tip as it approaches the columnella (the segment in between your nostrils from a worms eye view) might be a little obtuse and the angularity could be adjusted so that it has more of a contrast as the tip gradually transitions into the columnella, the area below the tip. Four months is still early though and things can change for up to 2 years. You should send me a picture for me to look at it now.

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