Rhinoplasty for a wide nose and with concurrent Acne and whether it is okay to do surgery with Acne?

Your nose can be definitely narrowed through Rhinoplasty and the Acne should not be a problem. Your acne should be under control before your surgery. There are many ways to control your acne through cleaning with a cleanser with salicylic acid, topical and oral antibiotics, a nightly retin A cream, etc.

For your nose, the width is ideally one iris width. Your nasal tip should also be one iris width. The base of your nose should be approximately 3 iris widths. When I mean an iris width it is the width of the colored portion of your eye. The narrowing will entail manipulating your nasal bones, and cartilage structures that dictate how wide your nose appears. The width at the base will entail taking some skin out around the base of your nose. This part can be done at a later time.

Choosing a surgeon with an eye for facial beauty is half the battle and more. For males, you may not want your nose to be perfectly ideal, as it could feminize your face. A wider nasal dorsum, tip and base is appropriate for the male nose and renders an element of masculinity.

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