Rhinoplasty material for Asian Nose and whether Alloderm would be a good option?

Silicone is a good option, Alloderm will fade with time when consideringRhinoplasty for the Asian Nose. Silicone is the most commonly used. I have a friend that believes in Goretex in the nasal bridge. In my experience, Goretex is hard to make smooth but the mild integration of goretex can help fix it better in the nose.

Silicone has the tendency to move a little bit. But fixed well in the nose, the silicone can maintain a solid fixation to the bone. Silicone has the most experience in the nasal bridge over the years and has proven to be a great graft for the nose. It is really compatible with our tissue because it is right under carbon on the atomic chart.

Most of the time, silicone is placed in the dorsum through minimal incisions within the nose. My approach usually entails an incision under the tip in the columnelar area. I believe this cuts down on variables that can lead to asymmetry and uneven bridge although the recovery is more the results are more reliable. Alloderm does resorb and you won’t be happy after several months to years because it will go away. Also this material is taken from someone else and some people have issues with that with transmission of disease etc.

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