Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping just by working with the skin?

The question was whether you could just do surgery with the skin of the nose to change the appearance of the nose:

You can remove the skin around the sides of your nose by your nostrils to make them look less wide in this area. But if you want to make the tip smaller and the nasal bridge smaller, it will take a formal rhinoplasty. This at times will entail breaking the bones to narrow the bridge. Thicker skin near the tip area of your nose makes a little harder to narrow the nasal tip.  Some people reduce the skin from the inside to make the tip more refined, but this is not a safe procedure many times especially when your nose is done in an open fashion.

An open rhinoplasty entails making a incision under your nose to elevate the nasal skin envelope to directly work on the nasal structure under direct vision. Asian rhinoplasty / cosmetic surgery is unique and you should go to someone who has experience with the Asian nose.

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