Uneven nostrils and bridge too low after Rhinoplasty from another surgeon.

It’s still early after one month from a Rhinoplasty so you might want to wait a few months. I know this is hard, but a lot of times what you are looking at is swelling that is affecting the way it looks. Swelling can make a big difference.

Fillers for the bridge is a temporary solution that can cause problems. Radiesse is often the most considered for that region of the bridge but there are reports of complications with it there as well. Dr Toriumi, I believe has an article on that.

A rhinoplasty revision might be the best choice for you for your nasal bridge issue. If it is truly short, you might need some grafting material. Ear cartilage and septal cartilage can be used if it is a little deficient. But if you are looking for a big change like 3-4 mm of additional height you will need either a rib cartilage graft or silicone. Goretex is another option in this area.

The nostrils can definitely be different if things were not made even during the surgery.  The open technique is the most accurate means and your incision under your nose is very minimal. And, yes definitely you can bring pictures of yourself and your surgeon can help make it look a little more like what you had before. You’ll get the feeling of the right person to help you with this. You have to find someone that cares and will help you through this process every step of the way.

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