Blue shadows under the eyes and what are the treatments?

This is an answer that someone had asked me recently:How do you improve the blue hue under the eye with lower eyelid surgery and what options are there?

Options include fat injection (fat transfer / fat augmentation / fat grafting),  laser resurfacing, (laser peel / Active Fx, Deep Fx, Co2 laser resurfacing), lower eyelid blepharoplasty (lower eyelift / eye lift / lower eyelid pinch). It sounds to me that you might have some volume loss under the skin of the lower eyelid which would include skin thickness, collagen and fat in the lower eyelid cheek area.  The result is that the muscles around the eye are seen more clearly under the skin to give it the blue hue that is seen.  the ways to improve this include fat injections that create a layer of tissue under the skin to block the deeper blue colors from showing throw the skin.  Laser resurfacing also can create a layer of collagen underneath the skin to also block the blue from showing through.

The other explanation is that the bulging of fat from the lower eyelid could be causing a shadow under the bulge to cause the blue discoloration. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty which can remove the fat and skin that is causing the shadow underneath.

thanks for reading, Dr Young

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