Can a subtle rhinoplasty be done?

This is a question that someone had regarding getting subtle rhinoplasty results so that her parents wouldn’t find out.  This is how I answered:

Deciding what you want your nose to look like is the most important first step when considering rhinoplasty (nose job / nose reshaping / nose shaping / rhino plasty / nasal shaping).  Figuring out what you want your nose to look like can be done with special computer programs that can morph the pictures of your nose.  Once you come up with an agreement on what that goal is for the appearance then the surgeon and you will determine how to achieve that.  Depending on what you decide the end result could be subtle or could be a bigger and more noticeable change.  But ultimately you should set these aesthetic goals based on your desires of what you want your nose to look like and not what others may want your nose to look like.  After all, it is your nose and you have to live with it on a day to day basis.

To make your nose smaller you may need to bring your nasal bones in as well as make the cartilages in your nasal tip smaller and the cartilage components above the tip more narrow as well.

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