How to fix bulbous tip on ethnic nose?

This is a question that was asked of me:

Hi, I would like to know how Rhinoplasty is done. If its just the tip, I want to make it pointy. I heard suture technique can give me a pointy tip, without taking out cartillage, I love my nose from the side and the size of my nose, but the tip is bolbous and I don’t like that. Please, what is done to get a pointy tip during the surgery? Thank you.

Suture techniques are a great way to make your nasal tip more refined and pointy and they are potentially reversible during a rhinoplasty procedure (or nose job / ethnic rhinoplasty / asian rhinoplasty / hispanic rhinoplasty / African american rhinoplasty / nose shaping / nose reshaping / nasal tip shaping).  Different techniques can make your nose look different and better in many ways.  One thing that you have to consider in ethnic rhinoplasty is the thickness of the skin envelope over the tip.  If your nasal tip is thick it is harder to make it more refined.  Thinning the skin is an option but that risks the survival of the skin to some degree.  Often times grafting in the nasal tip and creating more structure is what is needed. Your side profile can be maintained while still making the front more refined.

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