Fat grafting: does it last and how long

This is an answer to a question that someone had for me:

How long does Fat grafting to upper eyelids last?How long the result would last?

Fat grafting (fat transfer / fat augmentation / fat injections / liposculpture / liposuction and injection) is the ideal permanent filler substance and can last if done right. Fat is living tissue that requires care from the part of the surgeon to insure survival for the long term.  If the fat survives past 3-6 months, the fat will likely stay in there for many years.  Many people have shown that grafted fat can last for 8-15 years.  The loss of the fat is generally gradual just like your own fat that you had when you were young.  You will always look younger than a twin that never had it done.  To make fat survive you have to be gentle to the fat. I don’t spin the fat, freeze it, wash it, nor add too much ingredients to the mix when I harvest the fat.  Also I place small amounts in many different layers.  The other authors are correct in saying that the there may be the need to do some touchups to the areas for more volume. In the most simplest words, as you age you lose blood vessels for that was supplying the original volume and hence the new volume that you place will require more blood flow that may not exist.  Hence a building up of the volume may be needed.

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