Otoplasty can really change the way you look for the better if you have prominent ears.

Q,M 081009 beforeQ, M 081009 after

This is a patient of mine who felt subconscious of her ears and never wanted to wear her hair up because she felt that her ears stuck out too much (or prominent ears / large ears).  We were able to reshape her ears to make them look a lot less prominent through small unnoticeable incisions behind her ear through a procedure called otoplasty, (or ear reshaping / ear shaping / ear plastic surgery / ear pinning / ear cosmetic surgery)  The ear essentially is pinned back with permanent sutures that creates specific curls in the ear and also sutures are used to pin the base of the ear back as well.  This patient wanted to be able to wear her hair up at a wedding and we were able to get a super result to allow her to do that.  She was ready to do normal things in less than a week.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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