what type of minor procedure can be done for the small hump on the nasal bridge instead of rhinoplasty

But these solutions are more temporary and last anywhere from 6 months (Restylane) to a year or more (Radiesse). Fat injections are another solution to augment the nose to hide the bump (or nasal hump / nasal bump / hook nose / prominent nose / large nasal bridge / nasal bridge hump).  When I talk about these injections I mean injecting the fillers above and below the bump to hide it better. This type of procedure can be done in the office under minor local anesthesia with minimal bruising and swelling that lasts only a couple of days versus a week or more for rhinoplasty.

ARhinoplasty (or nose shaping / nose reshaping / nose plastic surgery / nose cosmetic surgery) is essentially any procedure that alters the shape of your nose and that can mean what I just described to the more traditional thought of during a more invasive surgical procedure to change the shape of the nose. A rhinoplasty has been called a nose job or referred to as nose reshaping / shaping, etc.  From a more traditional standpoint, taking down a hump will entail making small incisions within the nose to file down the bump.  Sometimes in order to make the nose appear more normal, you need to cause controlled breaks in the nasal bones to make it close in after the filing takes down the hump.  This type of approach is more longer lasting but does take a little while longer to heal versus the filling techniques that I described above.

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