Asymmetric Eyes after Asian Eye Lift / Blepharoplasty

This is a question that I answered for a person with asymmetric eyes after Asian Plastic Surgery(Asian / Ethnic eye lift / belpharoplasty, Asian eyelid surgery, Asian Cosmetic Eye Surgery. She had multiple folds on the left side and the fold was shorter on the left as compared to the right.

I see that your left eye has multiple creases. I think what is going on is that the crease is not properly fixed on that side and needs to match the right side.  Sometimes these surgeries are difficult because you are so close to the eye when you approach the muscle that elevates the eyelid.  There is around 1-2mm of tissue thickness from the surface of that muscle and the eyeball.  That is not much room for any deviations.  Understanding the anatomy is vital in terms of identifying that muscle and fixing it to the skin edges to create the fold.  I think your situation can be corrected in a relatively uncomplicated manner.  I wouldn’t remove any skin in your situation and you might need to add skin and some fatty tissue to match the other side but I would start with correcting the crease.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young!

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