At home chemical peels on dark skin?

null (TCA, trichloroacetic acid, jessners, salicylic, retinoic, lactic acid, phenol, rescorcinal) can cause dark skin to darken even more.  Chemical peels and any surface type of surgery / procedures including dermabrasion, peels, and laser resurfacing is risky with dark skin.  They can cause hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation both of which can be very noticeable.  You can white splotches like vitiligo and dark patches with any of the above procedures.  Having someone with experience is a very good idea.  There are many peels that you can use in someone with dark skin.  Some have even used Active fx CO 2 resurfacing on type 4 and 5 skin.

At home chemical peels utilizing glycolic acid in 5-20% is a great option for routine skin care.  This addition to your regular maintenance can speed up your skins turnover to help lighten dark spots, normalize your skin, improve skin tone, and also help with fine wrinkles.  We have a great skin program that has been scientifically proven by other researchers.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young!

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