Did Megan Fox have juvederm of collagen? What does she use?

You can’t really tell from this photograph. Even without makeup it is hard to tell if someone had juvederm or another Facial Fillersand collagen.  The difference would be that with one of the hyaluronic acids a translucent type of look is more likely than with collagen.  But in the lips it is hard to tell.  Most people can’t tell the difference.  Here with Megan Fox’s picture her lipstick makes it even harder.  One thing with lip augmentation is that you shouldn’t make the upper lips the same size as the lower lips which is often done in Hollywood. This wrecks the balance of the lips.  You can read more about why that is from my theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence on my website. In general, hyaluronic acids have taken over collagen as a filler because you don’t have to have a skin test, the chances for a reaction are much lower, and the results last longer with hyaluronic acids like restylane, perlane, juverderm.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young!

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