Can you take off 1 cm all around the nose to make it look smaller and more proportionate

This is a question I answered regarding the above concern:

You probably don’t need that much taken off. One cm of reduction is on the extreme side and you really probably don’t need to take that much off when you undergo rhinoplasty (or nose job / nose shaping / nose reshaping / nose cosmetic surgery / nose plastic surgery / rino plasty).  What might bring your nose into balance is lifting up the tip of your nose and placing a graft in between the eyes to offset what you are feeling is a big hump of a nose.  The only way to tell is to look at you in person or through some well taken photographs.  Your nose can be made to look like what you want to a significant degree.  Remember, nothing is magic but we, as doctors, are trying to make it looks as though it were magic.

I appreciate you reading, Dr Young!

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