What is laser neck lift?

A laser neck lift can mean a form of liposuction that has a laser attached to it that helps shrink the fat and which can lead to more tightening of the skin.  Fair results can be achieved with this technique.  It can also mean using resurfacing techniques with co2 technology that can cause tightening by creating collagen contracture in the more superficial layers of the skin.  The tightening from this can lead to even less neck tightening than the laser liposuction.  Lumenis has technology that can tighten the deeper layers of the skin through their Deep fx hand piece that directs the co2 laser to the deeper layers.  Again this is more subtle in terms of the results.  If you really want tightening of the your neck bands, turkey gobblers, double chin, loose neck skin a formal neck lift (neck lift / platysmaplasty / lower face lift / lower facelift) is the best way to do that.  This can be done with small incisions under the chin and behind the ear which can heal almost imperceptibly.

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