Scarring and whether Photofacials / Intense Pulse Light can help the appearance.

More and more research is showing that scar production has a large contribution from the inflammatory component and that blood flow is a perpetuator.  Intense pulse light and photofacials (or laser scar revision)can be used to target the blood flow to the scar and hence stiffle the blood flow that is feeding the scar production.  Ultimately, this leads to less scarring and a better appearance to the scar.  Timing is important, your scar should be in the inflammatory stage where blood flow plays an important part.  If the scar is mature, the results will be less impactful.  It really depends on how your scar looks.  You may need a formal scar revision (or scar treatment / scar removal / cosmetic scar surgery / scar plastic surgery) with excision and a reclosure of the wound to improve it.

Thanks for reading, Dr Y

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