Turkey neck treatment in a person that is afraid of her history of keloids!

Keloids occur less in the facial area and certain ethnicities are more prone. It really depends on where you develop keloids.  Areas of high movement such as the knees, and shoulders are more likely to develop keloids.  The high part of the chest is another area that has a predilection for keloid production.  If you developed keloid in these prone areas the chances are that you develop keloids to the facial area are probably a lot less.  You are caucasian based on the pictures which leads me to believe that you are probably less likely to develop keloids in your face and neck area.  But you may be a rare case and more details about your keloid formation would help someone decide.  The options for improving your turkey neck include liposuction which will give you some mild to moderate improvement.  A formal neck lift (or necklift / platysmaplasty / lower face lift ) can entail only small incisions under your chin and behind your ear and hide very well and really improve your turkey neck (or submental fat, double chin / neck laxiy / neck bands / fatty neck).  Others have used lasers to tighten up the skin to a minimal degree.  But if you really want some results, I would do a more formal procedure and it can make a world of difference!

Thanks for reading, Dr Y

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