What is a silhouette lift and will it last?

This is a question I recently answered for someone asking about the silhouette lift which is a variation of a thread lift.

It really depends on how its done, is the bottom line.  If the sutures that they use are not properly placed and done without proper dissection the results will be temporary.  In order for the skin and muscle of the face to take on a new shape a significant amount of dissectiion is required to allow these tissues to readjust for the long term.  I’ve done over 1200 null so I know how the effects of a superficial lift is compared to a more traditional approach. There is a huge difference.  With the minimal dissection they purport, the results are going to be temporary.  Anything done in 45 minutes will not last years based on my pretty extensive experience with facelifting.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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