My right eyebrow is higher than my left. Is there a subtle way to correct this?

This is a question I recently answered for someone:

Asymmetry in the eye area is normal.  In fact, we appreciate beauty in an asymmetric way.  Our right brains appreciate beauty more than our left and our visual fields are asymmetric.  Essentialy, in short, we see someone’s right face more when we regard or assess beauty.  This has evolutionarily lead to asymmetries in our face based on millions of years of sexual selection.  We tend to choose our mates based on how good the right sides of our face look more than what our left sides look.  Thats sort of the long story and there is even a longer explanation to that.

In terms of correcting, you should realize that not everybody is the same on both sides.  This may comfort you a little and might dissuade you from getting something done.  What I can say is that you can get some correction of this if you are willing to do this. From this picture, I would really have to see you in person or see pictures of you to really know, but your left eyebrow is a little lower.  You might benefit from adding volume to the left temple region and above the eyebrow to lift the eyebrow subtly.  Even adding some volume below the left eyebrow could benefit.  This can be done with Fat Transfer, Facial Fillers, and other implants.  A browlift could even pull up the left eyebrow but in a less than natural way.

But I would really have to see you in person to be able to counsel you more.

I hope that helps!!!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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