What is the cost of a chin implant and is it possible to get it done in another country for less?

The cost of a Chin Implant Reshaping (chin augmentation / chin enhancement / chin plastic surgery / chin cosmetic surgery / chin job / chin implant / chin facial implant) varies depending on the surgeons fee, anesthesia costs, after care, and the cost of the implant.  In total you will be looking at between 4-6 thousand dollars.  The implant itself costs from 200-400 dollars. The surgeons fee between 3-4 thousand dollars. Anesthesia fees can be anywhere from 500-3000 dollars.  Sometimes you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t do price shopping to find the best deal.  You can get an implant for the chin for 1-2k in some third world country but then you have to pay someone else another 4-6k to fix it or more.  I have taken care of many people who have gone out of the country for less expensive surgery only to come back to me to have it redone.  When you go out of the country, the surgeons there have less incentive to take care of you.  You did in fact go there for the price and not the surgeons skill so it really doesn’t matter to them if they do a good job because they are getting you to come based on price.  Also, with you in another country their follow up for you is a lot less and they don’t have to worry about you coming back every day or week to see you and take care of you.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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